Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Let's Talk: Author Platfoms

I thought I would write a quick (and unplanned) post about author platforms because it is the topic we are discussing in my Contemporary Publishing class this week. How fitting since I just started this blog. Any way, at the end of this week we are to have formulated a marketing plan for our platform and hence the book. This whole process seems so trite to me because I don't feel like I, a whole person, can fit into a teeny-tiny ideal platform.

Here is what I mean: When I work on my novel, I write gritty and intense. There is always something happening, someone is dying or being chased or chasing someone else and time is running out. However, when I write these blog posts or school discussion posts, I tend to be sarcastic and sometimes rude, as my mother told me. I also like to be sarcastic, ironic and silly in my YouTube videos (which will be up later this week). But the point is, I am two very different writers depending on what I am writing. How do you build a platform by being two different people? Oh and the worst part is I am a third entirely different person in real life. I am shy, quiet and the biggest push-over you'll ever meet. Starting to feel a little like Cybil. Oh, don't judge me you know you are weird too.

It actually makes no sense to me to try and be only one persona for three reasons. First, I feel like my writing would fall flat because changing my blog to match my fiction or vice-versa would feel wrong. It wouldn't be organic anymore but rather a marketing tactic and I know all of you would see right through it. Second, I would get bored. I'll admit I like other things. My whole life does not revolve around this one persona. I have many like: mother, wife, daughter, housekeeper, chef, student, seamstress, runner (ahem walker), zombie-lover, hop-scotch champion... You get the point. And finally, it probably is more beneficial for me to just be myself and let the chips fall where they may. Either you like me or not. And if not then I probably wouldn't like you either.

But all this talk doesn't help me with my marketing plan assignment. Any suggestions? Thoughts? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller... My assignment is due on Sunday, so I will post it on Monday and let you all know what I came up with as my answer to this conundrum.

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Bye Bye For Now,

-Jami Lynn