Saturday, March 5, 2016

If You Like That TV Show, Then Read This Book

 If you like Grey's Anatomy...

Books like Grey's Anatomy

Then read Five Days at Memorial by Sheri Fink.

Books about Hurricane Katrina
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Five Days at Memorial is the true story of a Louisiana hospital during Hurricane Katrina. All the fast paced, heart pounding drama that you get from Grey's Anatomy, without the gushy love story. Plus, it really happened which makes this book so much more mind blowing than a tv show. They say "real life is stranger than fiction," and it is certainly true with this book.

If you like The Walking Dead...

Books like The Walking Dead

Then read Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry.

Books about Zombies
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Zombies is obviously what you get with Rot & Ruin and its companion novels. But like The Walking Dead, you also get a study on what it means to survive in a world gone to shit. And in that survival process, how do you keep some semblance of humanity and morals in a world full of death and killing? There is more heart, beating or not, in this book than your typical zombie slasher.

If you like The X Files...

Books like The X Files

Then read The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.

Books about Aliens
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Both The X Files and The 5th Wave and trying to do two things: figure out what the hell the aliens are doing to our planet, and how to stop them. Rick Yancey gives us so much intense drama and jaw dropping cliff hangers, that Cassie and Ben probably should be some kind of special op, investigators the government hired. They are the teen version of Scully and Mulder.

If you like The Bachelor...

Books like the Bachelor

The read The Selection by Kiera Cass.

Books about Finding Love
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The Selection is pretty much The Bachelor in written form, only a prince is doing the choosing. It also takes place in a future society where society is broken down into a caste number system that basically chooses your life's direction. Unless you manage to get chosen in the selection to marry the prince. So, there's that, but mainly it is a love story with angsty love triangles and squabbling pretty girls. All the main reasons we love The Bachelor.

If you like Intervention...

Books like Intervention

Then read Memoirs Aren't Fairytales by Marni Mann.

Books about addiction
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Memoirs Aren't Fairytales is a fictional memoir but is incredibly realistic and powerful. It reads much the same way you watch Intervention: shocked and appalled but unable to look away. The main character is so frustrating because she knows what she is doing is so, so, so bad but can't break free from her addition. She follows the same patterns as the people on the show and it gives the readers a glimpse into the life of the addict and the people they hurt.

If you like Downton Abbey...

Books like Downton Abbey

Then read The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.

Books about Early 20th Century England
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If what you like about Downton Abbey, is the early 20th century history coupled with interesting family/ servant dynamics and loads of secrets, then The Forgotten Garden is perfect for you. It is a generational story where the granddaughter is finally solving the 90 year old mystery about how her grandmother ended up on a ship to Australia by herself at 3 years old. There are loads of family secrets and connections that will leave you completely mind blown.

If you like Glee...

Books like Glee

Then read Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire.

Books turned into musicals
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I'm pretty sure that the Glee cast did every song from the Broadway musical based on Wicked. So, if you loved glee for the hopeful and inspiring song choices, then you should read this book to find out what inspired one of the most popular Broadway shows ever written. And then you can catch all the references made in every season! Plus you should just see the amazing show too then you'll understand Rachel and Kurt's obsession. The first Glenda was Kristin Chenowith and Idina Menzel was Elphaba, both appear frequently on Glee. Just read it, you know you want to.

Or read The Rise and Fall of a Theater Geek by Seth Rudetsky.

Books about Broadway
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If you loved Glee not for the Broadway references, but for the behind-the-scenes relationship drama, then you need The Rise and Fall of a Theater Geek. The ambition, the back-stabbing, the insecurities all play out behind the curtains of New York City's famous Broadway district. I think Rachel, Kurt and Blaine would highly recommend this book. Its ability to cut through the crap and show you the real people, all highly talented and all vying for just a few positions, is very real and very problematic.

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