Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Review: Flawless by Jan Moran

Adult Contemporary Books
Author: Jan Moran
Series:Love, California Series
Publisher: Sunny Palms Press
Publication Date: August 8, 2014 
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Pages: 310
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Flawless by Jan Moran is one of those rare Adult Contemporary novels that I adore. For me, adult contemporary, romance, and chick lit books are just too formulaic and predictable to really get invested. Many times they have flat characters that are just driven to do things that fit the plot formula rather than realistic choices that don't always turn out in the protagonist's favor. However, this book does not fall into those pratfalls and was actually incredibly fun to read. And since it's been bright and spring-like outside really added to the ambiance of the story and made Flawless hard to put down.

 "When you've faced the worst that life can serve up, and pushed on, moment by moment, day by day, until you've finally overcome your challenges, there isn't much that can ever faze you again." -Flawless

Verena Valent is the head of her grandmother's skin care company, VSS. They are on the brink of an international expansion when disaster strikes; the banker who had secured her expansion funds mysteriously dies leaving VSS in a desperate financial situation. Her fiance, Derrick, is a venture capitalist, whose boss is intent on buying out VSS in its distressed state. By chance, Verena meets a world-renowned chef named Lance just as her world starts spiraling out of control.

So, like I said earlier, this book is not your typical romance/ chick lit novel. And that is a good thing in my opinion. First of all, much of this book is dedicated to Verena and VSS's financial situation. You basically learn how 'vulture capitalists' steal other companies right out from underneath it's owners and there is legally nothing they can do about it. But it's not filled with legal and business jargon. The process is easy follow but it's incredibly frustrating. I felt my shoulders and my chest literally tensed up while reading about the underhanded and tricky tactics Verena was going through. The romance aspect takes a back seat to the business so if you're not interested in how business works, then you will not enjoy this book very much. However, I loved it. I also found Verena to be a great strong female character with impressive dedication to her family, friends, and her business. Plus, hot chef... need I say more?


The only minor problems I had with the story were a few cheesy lines of dialog and as much as I liked Verena, she was a little too flawless. I mean she was freaking perfect in every way. Her only major flaw was trusting people she shouldn't. But I mean the title is Flawless so whatevs, I still liked her. The one red glaring problem I found was Verena's problems all ended a little too conveniently for my taste. She didn't come out completely unscathed, but it was just a little too neatly wrapped up to be believable. But the main parts of the story and the romance between Lance and Verena easily make up for the rest.

All in all, I surprised myself by really enjoying this book. It made me miss L.A. so so so so much though. But I am happy I was able to step outside my comfort zone and read something different that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this book as a beachy, fluffy, enjoyable read. Plus it's free! And I may actually spend money to get the rest of the series. There is a first for everything. 4 Stars.

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