So, this is my blog as you probably guessed. My name is Jami and I am an MFA student in creative writing. I have completed one novel but scrapped it recently and am starting over. I also write short stories, screenplays, articles and spec scripts.
Some other interesting facts about me: I love sloths and unicorns. I have an intense fear of popsicle sticks. I enjoy traveling, music and books (not just reading, but books in general like their smell and pretty covers).  I live with my husband, baby girl (buggy), baby boy (nugget), 2 rescue puppies Millie (schnauzer mix) and Toby (black lab) and a partially blind kitten named Poofy the Pirate Cat.

As you can probably guess, books and writing books are my life. Currently, I am enjoying writing and reviewing YA books. Particularly, historical fiction, fantasy, science fiction (dystopian) and paranormal. I am not huge on contemporary or romance fan but do also read these genres on occasion. If you would like me to review a book for you please make sure it falls
into one of these categories or a least has some elements of these genres. I have more specific guidelines for reviews in my contact page.

Please feel free to message me or contact me with reviews, questions, comments, suggestions, etc. I would love to hear from you. Thanks for visiting.